Tuesday, September 30, 2014

End of Sept.

Sept. 23- Sept. 30

Fun lunch date with Annie and she also went to the dentist.

Boys are going fishing.

Our super fun sitter with Annie.

Finally got my family picture with the stork. :)

Jazbo and Mimi came to meet and hold Milam. And see the rest of us too. :) Mimi had school lunches with all three girls. Jazbo went fishing with the boys and bird hunting with Jones and Justin. Lots of laughs and snuggles.

Sunday, ready for church and all the ladies to ooh over me.

We love Irv and LouAnn White. 

Jonesy's teeth cleaning.

Mommy and Jonesy's lunch date. She chose China Cafe.

Daddy, J and A went fishing.

West's first teeth cleaning. ( I forgot to get Georgia's picture. )

Hooray! Kimber and Judah came to visit.

Loden and Judah

Sweet hugs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our days

Aug. 31- Sept. 16

Going to worship at Western Hills.

Grandparent pics in the backyard. 

Lots of swim time for the other kids and sunlight rays for Milam.

Saying goodbye :(

Some fun Milam faces.

Loden wearing the hooter hider.

Kirsten Northrup and family for a visit.

Big blue eyes.

Big brothers love Milam!

Boys favorite book is "Go Dogs, Go!". 

4H Open House night.

School book fair.

Sweet dreams.

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