Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan 2016

 Jones and her friend Jace receiving Raising the Flag award.

 Milam saying "blue"/

Leslie's 38th. Kids had a photo booth and a dance party set up in the girls room.

 Boys playing with their play camping set.

Georgia and Kalan 

Dress up fun

 Jonesy's personal day from school,  lunch, shopping and pedicures.
Jonesy and friend Addison

Jonesy's new Vera lunchbox ready for school.

 Jonesy's 11 Friend birthday
Oh these preteen girls and their sense of humor  "This is Bob. Bob is Hot."

After Basketball, to Sam's for shopping and for the grandma's to relax. 
 Jonesy's 11 Family birthday

Softball in the backyard.

 New tire fun.
 Sweet sleeping Milam

 Georgia and sweet friend Cailin

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