Monday, June 1, 2015


May 1, 2015 
Our pool opening party. The water is chilly.

Loden and West one afternoon playing superhero.

West and I had a lunch date before kindergarten roundup.
He's eating a jalapeno nacho.

My mom came for the week. She brought my old Jennie Gymnast dolls. Jonesy was home sick on Wednesday and had them all to herself. 

Took mom to Bucee's after school pick up one day.  
Justin showed up on his way to work and photobombed the picture. The kids were excited to see him!

Gymnastics open gym.
Annie climbing the rope over the pit. 

Milam fits in my suitcase diaper bag. :) 

Happy Mother's Day and Baby Blessing

Georgia's Science Fair project

Milam is now 9 months old. He has three teeth and still army crawls.
He has switched to formula and loves to eat foods.

Kimber stopped on her way through town. West and J are dancing. 

LCU had an alumni gathering at the Round Rock Express baseball game. 

West running the bases. He's in the blue shirt.

Loden getting lost after running the bases. He' s in the red shirt.
Susan and Nick Gaultney and Justin

TornadoWarning. Loden and I waited til after the picture. 

Annie completed 1st grade with Mrs. Robinson

Georgia completed 2nd grade with Mrs. Morgan.

Jonesy completed 4th grade with Mrs. Jones.

Annie baked brownies for her 4H Clover kid fair entry.

She also entered a picture in animal photography of Blacker Sparkle Brown.

We've been swimming when it hasn't been raining. Milam likes the water. 

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