Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last night we visited a local church and I attended the men's class. I don't know what they had been studying, but they are considering beginning a new series on manhood.
Last night we watched a 42 minute video that introduced a study of authentic manhood, and then the class sat around for twenty minutes and discussed whether or not they wanted to do this series, how they would split up small group and discussion time, how watching the video in the evening might cause them to fall asleep, etc......
On the one hand, I was glad that they recognize that the topic needs addressing, on the other I was frustrated that some of them seemed to have missed the point.
All during their discussion I wanted to shake and yell at them, "YOU are the ones the guy on the video was talking about!!!"
If you know me, you probably already know my feelings and passion on this issue. If you've stumbled upon this blog and don't know me, but would like to know how I feel about it, email me, or come go fishing with me for a day or two and we can talk then.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Commandment #5

There are things that I knew about parenthood before I was a parent, but my understanding of those things has deepened and been colored by emotion now that I am one.

Jones loves to swing, but has always needed someone to push her. Then a few weeks ago she finally figured out how to keep herself going by pumping her legs, but she still needed someone to get her started with a push. One day last week we went to the backyard and I tried to show her how to get herself started. That experiement ended with her crying and running into the house saying, "I don't want to learn! I just want you to push me!" I guess she reconsidered and, without any further instruction from me, she can now get started and keep going all by herself.

In much the same way that marriage has opened my eyes and understanding to the covenant relationship Jesus desires with His bride, the church, having children has done the same for my understanding of the Father's relationship with us as His children.

It makes me sad that Jonesy will never again need me to push her in the swing, that that part of her life is over. It makes me realize that this life is fleeting. That our years are but a breath.

I don't want to dwell on it too long though because soon she's going to need me to push her on her bicycle.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Making of Memories

We're now four days into vacation '08. We've had some good times with some good friends.

Spent the last few days in Lubbock, my home from 1994-2001. Went to church on Sunday and saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in many, many moons. Most of my time there was spent with Nathan, my good friend and founding father of Whetstone Boys Ranch.

For the last three years I've had the opportunity to spend opening day of dove season with Nathan. I've not done an official survey, but I believe that in Texas, more people observe this holiday in the fasion that it was intended to be observed than any other. Lots of people give and get on Christmas, but how many actually take time during that day to ponder that the Creator of the world "made Himself of no reputation,....and was made in the likeness of men..."? How many honor our fallen soldier on Memorial Day? How easy is it to find a good watermelon in February? But walk outside just after sunrise on September 1st and you'll hear it. The sound of freedom in the air, the sound of Winchester and Remington turning a profit. May God continue to bless us so richly.

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