Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks


My friend, Kirsten, has introduced me to this site. I am encouraged each week when I read her blog about she has to say about her husband. She has been urging me to the same, so here I go. Thanks Kirsten.

I know that today is not Friday, but the girls and I will be traveling to Brant and Alison's tomorrow. And that is one reason I love my Justin. He lets me travel. Even though he has a lonely week, he has always been supportive of letting me and the girls go visit family and friends. I want to thank him for trusting me and allowing me to go and do. I love him the most because he loves God, he loves me, and he chose me to be his forever wife.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Georgia is 3!!!!

Happy Birthday Georgia!

Georgia's day began with us going to Bloomin Temple downtown. As you can tell, it was rainy, but the girls enjoyed making a craft. The rest of the bloomin festival was a bummer, a rip off, a disappointment. But, then we were off to a lunch of Georgia's choice: Chip-pa-play.

Georgia wanted Strawberry Shortcake this year for her theme and invited a lot of people. Importantly, her "grandkids" came and made her day along with all her other friends. Our house was packed and it was fun to introduce friends to our other friends. Thanks to the Northrup, Wisener, Payne, Alvarado, Baker, and Cunningham families for loving Georgia too. Thanks to Sheila and John for coming on Sunday and to Jazbo and Mimi for coming this weekend. Thanks to GranNola and Papa, and Grandpa and Grandma for her special mail.

Thanks again to everyone who came to celebrate and love Georgia. We praise the Lord for blessing and entrusting us with her. She has such a fun and sweet spirit. She makes us laugh everyday and also keeps us on our toes! We like you so much and can not imagine our family zoo without you. We love you so much Georgia!!!!!


Baby Canaan was a celebrity in our home! Kimber and Canaan stopped for a visit on their long trip home(Apr. 15). The girls had a birthday party ready for him, but informed Kimber that she would have to eat his cake. :)

I am so sorry to say that I made Kimber cry when I gave her a favorite book of ours and she read it to Jones. It is the sweetest book of love and I hope she amd Ryan will enjoy reading it through the years.

Jones took this picture of Justin and Canaan. She is so proud of this picture and her daddy holding cousin Canaan. Of course, Canaan really liked this postion to fall asleep. It is becoming Justin's signature holding position. :)

We love you Scott family!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blowing Smoke

Today is Earth Day. I don’t know who came up with it and don’t care enough to look it up. Sadly, it seems at this point in history, Earth Day is observed with more religious fervor than Christmas or Easter. Instead of just marketing and secularizing to get you to buy lots of junk, on this holyday they tell you to worship the planet by using less and buying their special junk to “save the planet”.

That makes me mad. Mad at the people who use this as a marketing tool and mad at the people (sorry if you are one) who fall for this nonsense.
Some things to think about:
* If an old man was standing on the corner at a busy intersection and I didn’t push him in front of a bus, I didn’t save him. I didn’t kill him, but I didn’t save him from being killed either. Get it?
*All of these Hollywood elitists preach to us about our carbon footprints, then they make a movie with lots of explosions. Well Mr. cLoony, the special effects for your movie put more carbon in the air than all of the miles my family and I will drive in a lifetime.
*Rush once pointed out the arrogance of those who say that people can destroy the planet. When you think about it, we are really pretty insignificant in the universe in that it is huge, we are a small planet in this universe, and we humans are outnumbered by all sorts of creatures. With that in mind, if you believe in the God of the Bible, believe that this place was created for us, and believe that He will destroy it when He gets good and ready; it takes a lot of arrogance to believe that we have the power to save or destroy the planet.
*A lot of tree huggers would chastise me for driving an older pick-up that only gets 14 mpg, rather than a hybrid. But think about all of the resources that were not used in building, transporting, and maintaining that hybrid that I didn’t buy.
I am not saying that we should be wasteful litterbugs. We should be good stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with, but we should not worship our blessings. Worship the One who provides them.

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring molecule. Plants love it. Uh-Oh. You probably just exhaled some. Better send AlGore a check.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fish Pictures

Went fishing this morning. I started at 7:00 and was back at the ramp at 11:00. Caught 17 whites, 3 crappie, and over a dozen catfish in less than 4 hours.
The biggest bluecat was around 8 lbs and had a partially digested 9 in. channelcat in its stomache. The largest crappie was over 14 inches.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Georgia's Birthday

Georgia had her third birthday today. Leslie is probably better at describing the day than I am, so I'll let her do that later, but I did put a video of the day's events on the video bar. There's also a short clip of Jones singing a song our praise team has been working on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA Party Bell County, Texas

Taxed Enough Already Party

Jones and I attended the Tea Party in Belton this afternoon. By my best guess, probably around 1500 in attendance. I'm sure there were hundreds of thousands attending similar events across the country. I'm anxious to see what sort of media coverage these get tomorrow and what they will say our numbers were.
Jones asked me why we were going to the party and so I did my best to explain to her about our current situation, how control of our country is being taken from us, how there are some who want to ruin the United States of America, and we were going to gather at this party with a bunch of other people to tell them "NO!" She kept thinking of things that were special to her about where we live and asking me if those bad people wanted to take them. Then we ended up parking in our bank's parking lot, which she recognized, and she asked me, "Daddy, are they going to try to take our bank too?"
To which I replied, "They already did, Jonesy."

Video of the party in the video bar or at

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

He's Alive and there is Hope! I was extremely blessed this Easter. We had wonderful girls in the morning, we got to church early, the singing was amazing(plus my very talented husband was here and singing!), the lesson of our risen Lord, and sharing the resurrection praise with Kirsten, Jason, Madalyn and his parents was the excitement of the day.

Justin and the girls woke up to find their Easter surprises on the table. Thanks Dad and Frances.

That afternoon, we went to the Cunningham house for an egg hunt. There were 13 kids and 1 baby(not pictured). They had fun! After they found the filled plastic eggs, they dumped the candy out and we re hid them for some of the younger ones.

And, the last piece of news, is that Ryan stopped by the house for awhile. I was so glad that Justin was here and was able to see his friend and rejoice in person with him over Canaan. We will get to meet him and Kimber later this Georgia says, "Yes!!!"

Monday, April 13, 2009


On Saturday, Kirsten invited us to the Foundation United Methodist Easter egg hunt. They also had bounce houses. We forgot baskets so Jones and Georgia used Taco Bell bags. Annie was excited to get started and she and Madalyn were happy with their few eggs.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Girls Trip

Here's what happened during the NM part of our trip:

-On Sunday, Mar 29, we drove from Amarillo to Aztec. We had lunch in ABQ with Ryan Scott, Steven,Leslie and their two boys, and Stephanie Pafford and two of her kiddos. Looking back it was nice to hug Ryan's neck this time since I wasn't able to stop and see him and Kimber on the way home!

-On Tuesday, we kept Frances' grandson, Alex. He is eight days older than Annie.

-I took the girls to storytime in
Farmington on Wed. afternoon. They enjoyed the stories and songs. Then they had craft time and a movie. We didn't stay for the movie. The mayor and his wife carved out the book door. It was quite unique and beautiful.

-On Thurs., we spent a day in Durango with Frances. We shopped and had lunch by the river. We sat outside and it was cold!

-Saturday we had lunch at Red Lobster. The highlight was Jones drank a Red Rockin Shirley. Then we went to Sam's where the girls got to pick out a huge Easter basket.
Then off to church. The girls did great in their classes and nursery.

-Monday morning we woke to a surprise...the baby calf had been born! We had watched and waited all week. The girls were so excited.

It also snowed a couple of days while we were there and had fun making snow angels, a snowman and a snowcat with Grandma. The girls also helped Grandpa feed the donkey and cows every afternoon.

-Monday night, the girls and I attended the Passion Play Ministries International play. My dad played the part of Oziel in the Sanhedrin. It started at 7pm and we left at 930pm. The girls did great! Annie ended up falling asleep and the Jones and Georgia were only scared when it thundered and the curtain ripped. My dad is in a black robe behind the man in the red robe.

-Tuesday, we began our drive home! We spent the night with Joel and Kerri Thompson, Molly and Troy. We had so much fun! We made individual pizzas for supper and Kerri read Fancy Nancy to the girls. Troy and Annie went to bed at a decent hour, but the little girls ended up giggling and reading under the night light until 11:30pm. Kerri had individual parfaits for them to fix in the morning. And she did Jones, Georgia and Molly's hair before we left. She calls it the spider web and it was a hit with my girls especially when they found out Aunt Sheila and Kerri did their hair like that in college! Thanks to the Thompson's for welcoming us in and giving us a fantastic end to our journey!

-We stopped to see Aunt Sheila and Uncle John at ACU. We got a snack and a drink and let the girls chase birds and pick up pecans. Then, Jones and Georgia went bowling with Uncle John!

-We made it back to Temple around 6:15 pm and met Justin at church. It was nice to be missed by everyone. When we got to the house around 8pm, I left the car packed and came into the house to find Georgia doing this:

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