Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015

April 4 Look who can sit up by himself. And he now has one tooth. Milam7months

April 4 Home Depot craft, Chalkboard Planter

Easter Egg Hunt at the Liles Farm

Wednesday: UHMB Easter Pagent, tomb, He is Risen!

 Friday: Crown of Thorns

Golgotha crosses

Sunday: He is Risen rolls

Bluebonnet pics. Well, we tried to get a decent picture.

Easter morning Bluebonnet picture

Jonesy's 4th grade Recorder performance. Back row. 4th from the left.

Milam has two teeth

Georgia's 9th Birthday. Home. Gifts. Skating, Church wide Ladies Tea Party. Ice Cream.

Birthday Peacock nails

Annie's school field trip to the Austin Aquarium.

Randomness from the month:

Baby bunnies in our backyard.

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