Sunday, March 1, 2015

February 2015

Crew to Go Sunday. Bible class kids and parents. 

M loves his toes.

A. had her 1st grade music performance.

Canaan sent "his girls" a heart necklace for Valentines. 

If Gathering 2015 

4H Fair and min rodeo

J and G entered cookies. J did drop cookies with a candy. G did shaped cookies.

J entered 3D art.

G entered acrylic art.

G.3rd place acrylic art

J. 8th place 3D art and 6th place cookies

A. at the mini rodeo.

L at the "loud" mini rodeo.

Happy Valentines Day!
(My mom took this picture. She and Steve were for Valentines weekend, but somehow I don't have any picturess. Weird)

M. blowing raspberries

A. at 4H Clover kids Saturday. 

Clover kids goat and sheep day

West and his friend Dean. 

Snow day in Temple!

A. turns 7! Birthday school lunch together.

Family birthday. Cookie cake this year. 

A's dinner choice is cheesy sausage, skillet potatoes and frozen peas.  

Last basketball game of 2015. A&A

Annie invited friends to skate.

Kirsten came to town. 

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