Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015

Please pray for our family.
Apparently Jonesy took her pocket knife to school this morning and she and Georgia were caught messing with it in the hall after I dropped them off. I didn't make it home before I got a call to come back to the school.
Suspended for 3 days for violating the no tolerance for weapons policy. Treated like criminals. The asst principal made them take mugshots "so they will understand what happens to those who break our laws." 
The girls are a little she'll shocked, but to quote Georgia, "we get a 5 day weekend for Easter." .

Justin used these mug shot looking pics for an Aprils fools FB joke...... He got several people, Grandparents included. My phone rang and received texts all day.

Vacation and Spring Break March 2015

Day 1:  Off to Granger Lake, Granger, TX

West helps set up camp.
A little afternoon fishing.

Too excited to sleep the first night.

Day 2: Early morning breakfast.
More fishing to do today on Day #2
Day 3: Still asleep. The excitement caught up with him.
The rest of us arrive in the afternoon. Annie and Jones in the boat.
Annie, West, Jones
Jazbo and West
Campfire ready.
Justin and West
West and Annie
West and Loden
Leslie and Milam
Leslie, Milam, Georgia



Jones and Justin

Annie, Leslie, Loden

Kids and their fish
Whole Brown Crew
Justin and Milam. Milam's shirt says "Daddy's Happy Camper"

Monday, March 16, 2015 Blue Bell, Washington on the Brazos and Fazoli's

Blue Bell Creamery, Brenham, TX

Washington on the Brazos

Then Fazoili's for lunch in College Station, TX

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