Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sept. 2016

We started Sept witha visit from Shirley. Shirley, Milam and myself took a trip to Waco to visit Shirley's aunt. Then we took ourselves to Chuy's and Magnolia.

I keep finding empty granola bar wrappers in the bathroom cabinets despite all the talks of "bugs" and "we are not hoarders" and "you do not need to hide eating from us". 

Kids playing superheroes one afternoon. L doesn't wear much clothing these days. 

 West in church one day.

Girls out with their daddy.

 J and W hunting.
 G needed a couple of teeth pulled. Here is the before, during and after pics.

                                                M loves to go outside with his siblings.
  Our 2015/16 Ladies Bible class.
 The littles out on our walk on day.

Sept 18, I took the girls to see War Room. 

 A and W in Clover 4H class. Making Christmas decorations.

 Our lizard friend.
 This looks dangerous. Thankfully No one fell.
 Dad and Frances returned to TX. They were greeted with lots of hugs and activites.

Sept 29, 2015  L fishing with Daddy in the morning.

The next day M fell and severed the maxillary labial frenum. Mouth wounds are the worst.

The next day, after school, W and A were playing on the gymnastics bar in the the backyard tree. W fell wrong. I took him to the ER and Justin went to work. What a blessing to have my Dad and Frances close. I called them to please come keep the others. Kara was a blessing. She was close at the dance place and she brought up a burger. I ate it on the way home. They "hung up his arm hoping that gravity would straighten it back out. It didn't work. And that ER Dr, didn't warn me or W that he was putting it back straight manually. What a shock! Another xray later to see if it was straight, then a splint and wrap, we were on our way for more meds. W and I left the ER to Walgreens to get prescriptions and ice cream!

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