Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Sea World Christmas


Austin Ballet Nutcracker and The Cheesecake Factory with Kara and Kaitlyn Vaught and Kirsten and Madalyn Northrup.
We got VIP parking for the Nutcracker!

Waiting for Santa to come to Temple on the BNSF Train. 

Justin found this dead tarantula while the girls were at school. He placed it in theuir bathroom. Yes, there were screams.

Sweet Loden fell asleep by the tree,

Gingerbread houses


 Angel decor at church one Sunday,

Family picture

 Milam's early Christmas present.
 The Bronco fans together.

Santa's treats.

 Milam's First Christmas

Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Hilton

 Justin, Blacker, Milam and me walked down to the lake Christmas day.

Christmas from GranNola and Papa.

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