Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Walking to the dog sitting house on Christmas eve. They got Christmas treats too. 

Candlelight service on Christmas Eve

At home, they got to open one presents. This year it was Mr. Irv and Mrs. LouAnn's gift to them.

They gave J and G a pocket knife.
Baking Santa some cookies.

Great Granddaddy and Great Grandmother gave them money.

Justin made this beautiful quilt holder for me. This quilt is one of my Granny's.

J got a new shelf for her bed with a light underneath for reading.

Gran-nola and Papa gave them Boogie Boards, Sonic cards and M got books.

Uncle John and Aunt Sheila gave them new cds and gum. 

Naptime snuggles.

Grandpa and Grandma gave each a fun activity present.

A. got a new bike.

The boys got new beds and sheets. 

Justin and I gave ourselves a new door lock system.

W gave me this bird. It was what he picked out especially for me. It has a clip on it and he was insistent with Justin that it was for my hair. I wore it to church. He was so proud! 

Milam likes playing in the laundry basket.

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