Thursday, August 13, 2009

Precious Silver and Gold

Here is the conversation I heard today coming out of the girls bathroom:

Georgia: Hi, My name is Silver and I am getting baptized today and tomorrow I am going to Sea World to ride the Shamu roller coaster. I believe Jesus is baptizin' me and Jesus is the Son of God of the whole world.
Jones: What is your name?
G: Silver
J: What is your last name?
G: Gold
J: what is your middle name?
G: Scott Seela
J: And you want to be baptized today?
G: Yes, Jesus is the Son of God
G: But, when my mom comes to get me from class, I need to go home.

Now the funny part of this is that you are probably assuming they are in the bathtub, but you are wrong. They are on their separate toilets having this conversation between themselves while doing their business.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! They are hilarious!

Scott Seela said...

Wow! I guess someone is watching our baptism videos.

The Northrups said...

Love it!

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