Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vacation week

Sunday was the worst start to a vacation I've ever endured.
My vacation didn't officially start until Monday, but I had planned to travel to Lubbock for a couple of days of dove hunting with Nathan when I got in from work on Sunday morning. We've been hunting at his dad's place near Anton the first week of September for several years now. Much to my dismay I was lined up to go back to work around 9:30 pm, two and a half hours before my vacation was to start. I had to cancel my trip to Lubbock.
I spent the morning being mad. Then around 4:00, just before I was going to lay down for a nap to be rested for work, I was bumped from the job I was on. Turned out I could have made the trip, but had no way of knowing until then. I was doubly mad then. Mad because I wasn't hunting with Nathan and mad because now I wasn't going to get to make money either. So I went out near the lake on some public Corps of Engineers land to take out my frustrations on some dove, but pickings were slim. Only shot at one bird. I missed. Went home still mad.

Yesterday morning, Leslie heard that some of the guys from church were going out for a hunt. I hadn't heard anything about it because I was asleep on the couch instead of in church yesterday a.m. like I should have been. I called the guy putting it together and asked him about it. He said there should be about 15 guys, but that the place was big enough that 50 could hunt it. I've never been hunting with a group that big, but decided to go. He was right. It was a big place. Plenty of room for everyone. No idiots in the group. Shot a limit and used less than 2 boxes of shells. 12 hunters. We cleaned 112 birds.

Still wished I had been on the South Plains, but yesterday made me feel better.

We are headed to Ft Worth when Jonesy gets out of school, zoo tomorrow, see Leslie's Granny on Thursday, then probably to San Angelo for a day or two.

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