Friday, October 5, 2012

Yesterday Was A Good Day

Running down the rails last night I was thinking back over my day and was reminded of how blessed I am with my home and family.  Here's a review of my day:

I got home around 6 a.m. after a long night at work.
I spent some time with Blacker, who is recovering from her spay surgery.
Then I got to snuggle with Loden and watch him practice his smile skills after his breakfast.
Then I got to wake up my girls and fix breakfast for them.
When Leslie got home from taking Jonesy and Georgia to school it was my turn to go to bed.  Annie tucked me in.  She's the best tucker inner, snuggling, patting me, and talking about whatever comes to her mind.
I slept until 1:30, got up and had cookies and milk for breakfast/lunch.
We loaded up with the boys and went to pick Annie up from pre-school, went to HEB for gas, then to pick up Jonesy and Georgia from school.
After we got home, Georgia and Annie went with me to put gas in the pick-up and then to Walgreens to watch me get a flu shot.  They were impressed that I didn't cry.  We also purchased ice cream and candy bars to smash up for toppings for dessert.
When we got home, Leslie had to leave to go to a conference with Georgia's teacher.  No, she's not in trouble.
While Leslie was gone I fixed supper and the kids decorated our front yard for Halloween.  Jump ropes hanging from the tree, black crepe paper and orange duck tape stuck to everywhere they could get it to stick.
When Mama got home we had supper.
As we finished our meal I was ordered to go back to work.  After I got ready to leave for work we had our dessert.
I got a round of hugs and kisses before I left.

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