Monday, December 8, 2014

Random Blogging Part III

Our infant son has been sleeping in the bathroom.
We got rid of all of our baby stuff after Loden outgrew it so we don't have a crib or a lot of other things that aren't as necessary as they once were.  Milam developed a cold a couple of weeks ago, aggravated at night with a dry cough since the weather turned cool enough for the heater to come on at night and dry out the air.  We also don't have a humidifier anymore.  So we filled the crockpot with water and a glob of vaporub and put it in our bathroom (to contain the moisturized air) and stuck him in there and closed the door.  Seems to be working okay.  Kid #6 is a whole new experience.

Elton John is more country than country radio.
There is more fiddle and steel guitar and more meaningful lyrics in the average Elton John song than there is on today's country radio station, so I've been listening to the local classic hits station in the car.  Thankful for Pandora. Come on Nashville, you can do better than this.  I don't care how queer he is, I like most of Elton's stuff, but please King George, please don't quit.  America needs you right now.

A frequent conversational exchange:
You have SIX kids?!  How do you do it?
I have a great wife.

A Difficult Conversation
I went upstairs to tuck the girls into bed last night.  I went to Georgia's bed first and she looked me dead in the eye and asked, "Daddy, what does f*ck mean?"  I knew I'd have to have this talk with the girls eventually, but wasn't expecting to have it last night, and wasn't expecting to have it with all three girls at once.  I hope I got it right.  I'm sure it's one we'll have to have a few more times. Made me sad for them and for our culture that is so broken.

As 2014 draws to a close and with the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons upon us, I find myself  reflecting on the year and my life thus far and am overcome with thankfulness.  I know that I've been blessed beyond mere contentedness. And I DO count it as blessing.  And responsibility.  I could demur and say its's not really blessing from God and that it's not fair that I have while others have not as seems to be the popular view of things these days, even in the church. But that's not what I see in the scriptures.  I don't know why the Lord has blessed me with so much, and I do know that it could all be taken from me tomorrow. I believe what Jesus said when he declared that "from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more shall be asked."  I am overwhelmed with blessing and responsibility.  Lord, give me strength to be up to it one day at a time.


Leslie said...

Leaving school today a teacher asked me the same question, "Six kids. How do y'all do it?". When we got in the van Georgia asked me, "why does everyone always asks you how you do it with 6 kids? That's a weird question.".

Leslie said...
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Walter Wilhoit said...

Well said Georgia! Your great-gandma did it too.

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