Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

Bankhead visit. Play and Swim

Superhero walking at home and 4th of July firework watching in the church parking lot. 

Jonesy's first week long away camp week. Camp K by Marble Falls. She had a gift everyday and cards to open.

This was on our driveway and it is a tartantula killer wasp. Crazy! 

Uncle Walter and Aunt Rashelle sent the kids gifts from Spain. 

Justin and G watching youtube videos on how ladies wear the flower clips in Spain. 

Loden changed from bull fighter to swimming, helmet wearing, spiderman.

Movie night at the pool.

Girls went to Six Flags Arlington with Dad. The boys and I had a day of dressing like cows for free Chickfila meal. The boys instisted on Brown cows. Then to an Italian restaurant for Cannoli like Curious George. 

Colby, Kyleen and boys came for a long weekend visit! 

Our sweet friends the Fullers came back to town for a visit. Nothing like invading Shipley's with 16 kids.

Milam reading books.

I woke up on moring to G and L making brownies from scratch for breakfast.

Later that afternoon, the girls and I played dressup with my wedding gown.

Then we did Kool-Aid hair.

Jonesy and friend sleepover night with cookies.

Fun boy bathtime.

Alison Butler and kids came to visit. A surprise visit! They showed up at church on Sunday. Fun two days with restaurants (with 10 kids), hiking, and the train park! Thank you so much for coming, it had been too long.

Our kids in almost birth order. Loden wouldn't stay in his spot. Jones, Claire (4-15), Georgia (4-18), Annie, Chloe and Cale, West (6-2), Cassidy (6-3), Loden, Milam

Then Jamie and Cindy Gray came to visit. Thankfully, Justin was home the night they came to town. It was another fun filled day. They were blessed (Ok, kids and I were blessed) to be stand-in grandparents for Art Camp show and pickup. They were a huge help in corraling and keeping up with everyone and all their take home projects. Then the girls went to one store to shop and Jamie took the boys pet store browsing. Next, they endured an orthodontist visit. Thank you so much for being the relaxed, on the go, fly by the seat of the pants, troopers!  It's always a treat to visit with you. A breath of fresh air. You are both a positive reassurance of making it in the railroad and parenting life. Thank you so much for the visit, the love, the hugs and prayers.
P.S. West would like "that man who took me to the pet store" to come back soon!

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