Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oct 2015

 Our neighboorhood dinner and trick or treating.

 L fell and hit the corner of the picnic table right before dinner. His poor head.
 West had an Orthopedic appointment. They take the cast off, let you wash your arm, and then recast it for another 3-4 weeks. West chose red for Belton Tigers, Go Big Red.

 Jones was nominated and selected to help raise the flag for the Belton HS football game. We stayed until the third quarter. West enjoyed the game the most!

Red ribbon week at school. Super hero day

M took a nap in the toy closet. 

 Fall carnival at church.

 Kids and grandparents made caramel apples and popcorn balls before the church carnival.

Aaron and Valisa Tungate came for the weekend. They brought wine and their kids. 

Dad and Frances went back to NM after we came home from MX. This is their welcome back to TX and popsicles. 

Upward Basketball evaluation for W.

A&W, 4H Clover Kids, Oct. meeting, Food Garnishing

Pumpkin carving. 

I found the cereal, a bowl and an airlpane behind the shower curtain today.

L getting his teeth cleaned. 

M likes to get into this basket while I'm putting my makeup on.

 M happy to go to the school program. G was the seal in the school music program.

A. turned in her school points to color on the hall chalk wall. 

 M enjoying the hotel amenities we brought back for them.

Family pics. Pics of love and scriptures on mirrors for the kids while we are gone to MX.

 Goodbye car.

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