Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Half of December

*Christmas at the Expo Center

*Sea World Christmas Style

*Georgia's Preschool program. Georgia was first an innkeeper, but she refused to wear the costume provided, so she was a sleeper(in her own pj's) at the inn.

*Jonesy's class field trip to the Salado Tree Farm.

*Nutcracker Ballet

*Friends, Sadie and Sam. Running a 5 K. Make-up day again. How I found West one morning. Loving on West. Making snowman plates with friends Lindsey, Claire and Bailey. West sleeping.

*Jonesy's Kindergarten Christmas party.

1 comment:

The Northrups said...

I wonder if West will make up for all the dressing up the girls do by undressing himself often :-) Fun month!!

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