Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Thursday evening was our Christmas eve. The girls made cookies for Santa. With the kids snug in their beds, Justin and I had a Christmas toast, hung the stocking with care, wrapped presents and enjoyed watching Christmas Vacation.

Friday morning. Santa had come! The day consisted of stockings and presents from us, breakfast, bow and arrow practice, painting, coloring, installing the girls new toilet seat, playing with the new Little People castle and playground(then we had to get out every Little People we own to play with), karokee, music time with a recorder, xylophone, and microphones, painting toe nails, bead necklaces, listened to Francesca Battistelli, play a game and puzzle, and read the an important story out of the best Book. Justin went to work mid-morning, but was back about 5. After a carpet picnic supper, we opened gifts from Crawfords and Hiltons (THANK YOU!).

On Saturday morning we had more Santa stocking fun, made snowflake breakfast, baked cookies, and made lunch. Justin got home in time for a Christmas hobo lunch, more playtime, and then rest time with A Christmas Story.

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The Northrups said...

So so fun!!! Also, your backyard looks huge in Jonesy's archery photo:-)

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