Saturday, June 27, 2009

on marriage and friendship

Topic #1: Tomorrow is our sixth wedding anniversary. Seven years ago I had no idea that Leslie even existed and now we have 3 kids and a mortgage together.

Topic #2: I spent last weekend camping out with eight of my closest friends: Aaron, Brant, Joel, Keith, Kyle, Mark, Ryan, and Scott. I had more fun than I've had in a long time and it was the first time I had been together with that many of my college buddies all at once since my bachelor party.

How the two topics are related: I remember having a conversation with my wife when she was still my fiancée. We were looking at what to put on our wedding invitations when we came across the ones that say, “On this day I will marry my best friend etc….” I remember vetoing those and telling her that we were getting married and I loved her, but that she was not my best friend. (Yes, I was/am an insensitive jerk at times.) I told her that there was a group of guys who had lived with me longer, knew me better, and had more shared experiences and memories with me than she would have for quite a while; that it was my sincere desire that we marry and she become my best friend, but that she wasn’t my best friend. At least not yet.
Six years later……
My wife has become my helpmate. She takes good care of me and has become the person I share more with than any other; spend more time with than any other. I depend on her and she depends on me. Our daughters depend on the both of us. She has become THE best friend in my life.
My friends are still my friends. We still share those common experiences and continue to make more memories on the rare occasions that we can get together.

Six years ago Leslie and I vowed to be husband and wife until death parts us. When it does, I expect my friends to shore me up if I remain or to be there for my wife and daughters if she remains here on this earth. As I often do, I ask that you click on the song/video below. I believe in songs, and once again this one says it better than I can.

“Lord, when all my work is done
Bless my life and grant me one,
At least one,
Old Friend.”

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Anonymous said...

That was really beautiful and nice for an insensitive jerk!

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