Friday, March 12, 2010

Tutu's galore

Annie has 6 friends whose birthdays fall between Feb. 28 and Mar. 14 and 5 of those girls are turning 2. Instead of us all attending each others parties and buying gifts, we decided to have a gymnastics tutu party. All seven birthday girls wore a tutu.

There was crawling and jumping.

We had chicken nuggets, apples, cheese, bananas and grapes. Annie loves her grapes. Madalyn kept trying to get grapes off Annie's plate. Annie kept pushing Madalyn's hand away and showing her that she had cheese and to leave her grapes alone.
And then there were the cupcakes. Annie blew out her own candle! She tried to help Madalyn with her candle too. The icing was finger licking good!

Jones, Georgia and Mimi came to the party too.

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