Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Saturday 1-22-11
The kids and I along with Kirsten and Madalyn went to Chili's for my birthday. Two adults and five kids. We were hoping to miss the lunch rush and we at 1. Annie and Madalyn dropped and spilled the salsa, the bowl broke, dropped an empty bowl but it did not break. West grabbed Kirsten's Diet Coke and spilled it. We had a super great waitress(and we tipped extra) We all enjoyed my free birthday brownie and ice cream! Then we all had to tour the ladies two stall bathroom before leaving. I finally asked(after approx.5min.) two ladies to please get out of the handicapped stall. Chili's is not the place to take measurements for handmade clothing.
We left Chili's with smiles and headed for Waco. We joined the Petersons and the Vaughts for an afternoon at Cameron Park Zoo.
Kirsten and Kara surprised me after the zoo with a babysitter and a girls night, but Kaitlyn starting throwing up on the way back to Temple. So, plan B. Jason kept all the girls and Kirsten, West and I went out for about two hours. We went to Lifeway. Spent 10 minutes in the parking lot trying to get two of the doors on the suburban to close. A nice man from the store ended up helping us and we got it fixed. After Lifeway, we decided to have ice cream for supper so we went to Maggie Moos. Yummm. Thanks to Kirsten and Kara for attempting to whisk me away and Thanks to Jason for enduring a "girly" evening (as he was introduced to Hannah Montana). Thanks to everyone who called, sent a text or email, or left a FB message.

The kids and I went to church. Jones is sporting a scarf under her headband. Annie is trying to wear her headband.

Justin took the girls shopping Sunday afternoon when he got home. They had my party at small group. There was cheesecake, flowers, presents, and singing! Justin picked calla lillies, Jones picked roses and Georgia picked orange daises. Beautiful! I also received a fancy new sleeping pillow and the second* best birthday card from my husband. It was great to celebrate with my family and our extended home group family. Thank you for making me feel special!
*First place is from eight birthdays ago. The book with a ring, poems, letters, you singing me a song, and then asking me to marry you is kinda hard to beat! I love you.

Justin, G, A, W and I went to have lunch with Jones at school. We all got in line and had our own trays. Annie was in awe with so many kids in one room that she did not eat her lunch. Georgia was intent on taking note of the lunch procedure.

Our family dinner was at Texas Roadhouse. Good waiter, good food, great family! Fantastic birthday!

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