Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time of the Preacher Resolutions for 2011

1.  Now that I have a laptop to take on the road with me, I resolve to not have extended lapses between posts.

2.  I’ve decided to join facebk as a way of increasing traffic here at TOTP.
I heard the other day that facebk is now worth $50 billion.  When I went to the facebk site to check it out, I saw that they have a slogan:  “It’s free, and always will be.”  Then I started thinking.
With advertising revenue down and most subscribers more than six months behind in their subscription payments, I’ve decided to offer Time of the Preacher free to the public.  It is my hope that by joining forces with facebk, TOTP traffic will increase leading to increases in advertising revenue.  I plan to eventually be bought out by gougle or yahou.  Then I’m going to retire and move to Mexico.

3.  I’m going to keep a record of the books I read and try to do a review of each one.  I’ve intended to do this in the past, but I’m going to resolve rather than intend it this time, so hopefully it will get done.

4.  I’m going to document a week of life on the railroad with as much detail as I can.  It is it’s own micro-culture and is a hard thing to explain.  I think if I can document a full week, then perhaps my friends and family will understand why I don’t know if I’ll be there tomorrow, but I fish a lot in the middle of the week.  

5.  I’m going to take requests.  I’ve done this a time or two and am already working on the first one of 2011 (see the comments section from the Jan 1st post), but I’m going to open it up to all of you now.  If you have a request for an article you can email me or leave it in the comments section.

6.  I resolve to resume the reader profiles that I started last year.
I think six resolutions is enough.  I hope your new year is off to a good start. 

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