Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Girl

Our Jonesy is growing up! She asked for a haircut a couple of weeks ago after seeing a little girl at the library. After talking to the mom and finding out where and who cuts her daughters hair, I made an appointment. Today was the day that the majority of her hair was cut off and she looks like a little lady. She went into her silent mode at the salon. The lady that shampooed her hair had hot pink streaks in her hair with bright blue streaks under the pink. So, I think she was in shock, or forming ideas for her next creative addition to her style.hmmm. The stylist was wonderful and at the end she got a smile, but I missed it with the camera. I am including a before picture of her hair in doggy ears and one from the store yesterday. Can you see the ponytail, headband, leotard, scarf, butterfly wings, and Princess pink sandals? :) I also painted her toenails with a green and pink giraffe design.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! It looks so cute! Ally has asked to get her hair cut also...but I'm stalling because she often changes her mind. I guess if she brings it up again we'll have to do it and I might use Jones' picture to show the salon what we want! :)

Leslie said...

Dear Carrie
It is a really cute haircut. It's also like mine was when Justin and I met. I did get teary when the stylist started cutting. It wasn't full blown crying, but I did have several tears fall. I glad Jones couldn't see. And Justin said later that night that he had a bet with himself on whether I cried or not. He won. What am I going to do in three weeks when preschool starts or next year kindergarten, or middle school, high school, graduation, college, wedding.....etc. It's hard being a woman and a mom!!!!!!

Fayegan said...

Oh she looks so cute I love it!

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