Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's Wrong With Our Education System-Part I

In case you’ve ever wondered…..

Some men take a lot of pride in grilling and/or barbecuing. I don’t. I’ve never cooked a steak that was even close to as good as a good steakhouse steak. I do like to fry things though. People who fry debate oils like pit masters debate charcoal, gas, hickory, and mesquite. Well, near the top of my list of oils is canola. Do you know what a canola is? I always wondered, but could never find out.

I went to England in 2001 and saw vast fields of bright yellow. I asked someone what it was and they said rape weed. “Rape?” I asked. “Yeah, rape.” he said. I asked what they did with it and was told that it was for canola oil. My question had finally been answered and relief spread over that sore spot on my brain, but it was soon replaced with another question…..If that’s rape, then what’s a canola?
A couple of days ago, the “What’s a canola?” question was bothering me again so I decided to Google it on my internets. It turns out than canola oil does come from rape seed, but rapeseed oil was always too acidic to be of much use and was very unhealthy, even toxic. Then this bunch of Canadians developed a low-acid breed of rape and began to market it. As you can imagine, rape oil didn’t sell very well. So they renamed it, Canadian oil, low-acid.

There's no such thing as a canola. It was just about marketing.


Anonymous said...

Justin, you never cease to brighten my day! Thanks for enlightening us! :)

The Northrups said...


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