Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our 3 year old ditched Bible class

This should have been written last Wednesday night....but, here's the story.

Jones, Georgia and Emma(4, 3 and almost 5) walked with me to the stairs by Annie's class. I left them at the stairs and they were to go on up to class. I took Annie to class and then I went to my class. I usually go and check to make sure they made it, but last Wednesday, for some reason, I didn't. After class, Scott met me at the their classroom door holding Georgia. And here's what happened during class:

Jones went into class by herself. Scott asked where Georgia was and she replied she was coming. Awhile after class started Georgia was still not there. Emma was not in class, but her older sister was in class too. Jenna(the high school class helper) was sent out to find the two girls. She found them. They were safe.

They were in the Coffee Spot!

Georgia was escorted to class tonight and I checked on her before I went to class.

Is this a glimpse into our future?


The Northrups said...

Maybe she's just getting it out of her system :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! She's hilarious!

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