Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 10-31-10

Our church small group gathered and went around the Cunningham's neighborhood and then to some of our group's homes to trick or treat. We had a fun group and fun time.

After trick or treating on Saturday at Sea World, Annie was excited to do it again on Halloween night. We have a Biscuit Halloween book and at the end the little girl has dumped her candy out on her bed. The little girl has two suckers plus other candy on her bed, but Annie has been fascinated with the two suckers, a red and a blue one. She was set on getting suckers for Halloween. Thanks to C. Kneip, she did end up with one sucker. That made her night! She received the prize she was looking for and was content with Todd C. carrying her the rest of the time. Well, I think she was content for Todd to carry her the whole night :)

When we got home, we were able to see Dylan and go to a couple of houses in our neighborhood. Beautiful girls!

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