Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Begins

*I’ve got a pretty bad case of fishing fever.  No hope of a cure is near.  The wind is blowing 35 mph and freezing rain is coming down sideways.  Wind chill is in the teens.  I’m ready for spring.
I have a week of vacation in March again and have my camping spot reserved.  New TOTP readers can click HERE to read about last year’s adventure.
*My new favorite Pandora channel is Eddie Rabbitt Radio.  You should try it.
*West is becoming more and more like his father.  He’s a good eater and is becoming awfully pigheaded about some things.  He is a lot more popular with the ladies than I ever was though.
*After some informal assessments, I’ve determined that Jonesy is reading as well as most publicly educated 3rd grade boys.
*I’m guessing that Annie is going to charm her way through life by looking cute when she wants something or flashing a beautiful smile when she doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Whatever works.  
*Georgia is maturing and has been very helpful lately.  She is her brother’s best friend.
*Books I read last month:  “The Mormon Mirage” by Latayne Scott,  “Echo Burning” and “61 Hours” both by Lee Child.  “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell.  “The Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns, “Wild Justice” (audio book) by Philip Margolin.


Anonymous said...

Justin, I love the way your mind works!

Sheila said...

Did you ever read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell? It's my favorite of his books.

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