Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

Last night it began snowing around 8pm. We woke up this morning to snow covering the ground and to no school. Jones and Georgia geared up and went outside while Annie chose to finish her breakfast first. I stood on the porch for a few minutes watching and taking pictures. The girls enjoyed throwing some snowballs at me. Jones and Georgia put snowballs in our freezer to remember the day. Justin and the girls went outside for a brisk walk/run around the block after lunch, but West and I opted out and stayed warm inside.

~An interesting note about clothing. Jones was wearing tights, three leggings, jeans, three shirts, a scarf, hat and headband, and gloves for her snow day attire. Georgia was wearing tights, two leggings, two shirts and gloves. Annie was wearing two pants, one shirt, gloves, two hats and a jacket.

West has cut his first tooth! It is on the bottom and we will try to get a picture of it soon, but he likes to cover it up with his tongue.

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