Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Song of the Week, "Down the Road"

 Jonesy and I were in the waiting area of the Quicky Lube yesterday afternoon and I was asking her about her day at school.  When I asked her about what she did at recess, she looked at me and told me she didn’t want to talk about it.  I asked her why and she said that “it wouldn’t be appropriate in front of those two men and that lady.”, referring to the other customers in the waiting area.  Later when it was just the two of us again I asked her about recess again and what they did that was inappropriate.  
“Well, a bunch of girls were chasing this boy and this girl and this boy were gonna get married and they were gonna kiss!  But they didn’t.”
I didn’t say anything.  Just looked at her.
“But not me daddy.  I was just watching”, she was quick to add.

That leads me to this week’s song.  It was penned by Mac Macanally and originally released by him in 1990, he recorded it again in 2009 with Kenny Chesney and it became a #1 hit.  
I pray that my daughters will chose good husbands.

"Down the Road"
When I was a boy
Four houses down from me
Was a family with an only child
She was the only girl
In this whole world that could make me smile

Down the road

I made up reasons to go
Down the road

Somewhere inside of me

There was something she took a liking to
Well I asked her to marry me
She said she really wanted to
Down the road

To see what life’s gonna hold
Down the road

Her momma wants to know

Am I washed in the blood or just in the water?
Her daddy wants to know
If I make enough to take his daughter

Down the road

Before he can let her go
Down the road

Now down the street from here

There’s an engineer with an only son
And our baby girl says
She believes that he is the only one
Down the Road

Her momma wants to know

Is he washed in the blood or just in the water?
And I want to know
That he makes enough to take my daughter

Down the Road

When it comes time to go
Down the Road

Down the road

You know I want to help her go
Down the road

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