Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reader Profile #4

Dave and Lisa Noble have been faithful subscribers to TOTP since its debut.
Lisa and her family attended church with Leslie in Amarillo, and I got to know her during the short time that I lived there.   I always thought she would have made a great nun if she were Catholic.  (I mean that in a nice way)  Fluent in Spanish, virtuous, prays without ceasing and no vices that I know of.
I've never met Dave.  I think he's from Vermont or one of those other Yankee states, but I like him anyway.  He's a weatherman, a real one, not one of those suits in front of a TV camera.
They are one of those weirdo couples who met and courted over the internet.  They moved to Alaska soon after they were married, and they were blessed with their first child this year.  I hope they live in Alaska long enough for us to save up enough vacation time and money to go for a visit. 
If you'd like to get to know them better or see great pictures of what life in Alaska is like, you can visit them at http://www.daveandlisanoble.blogspot.com/ .

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Dave and Lisa said...

Hey, this is awesome! We're famous. :-) Thanks Justin! To be honest, I was a little nervous about what you might write if you decided to profile us, but this is cool. I guess you just don't know me well enough to know my vices, and that's probably a good thing since that way they can't be published on the 'Net, haha!

I'd say you got things mostly right. Dave is from Maryland and was living in Massachusetts when we met. He told me that he was technically a Southerner because Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon Line, but I've never believed him for a minute about that one!

And it's funny how right you were about me making a good nun were I Catholic. I had this idea for several years before I met Dave that I would live as if I were married to God. I got this idea from my Tudor History class in college where I learned that when Henry XIII dissolved the monasteries, the nuns were destitute because the only way women in that culture could be provided for was through marriage, and they were already married to God. I even wore a ring on my "wedding finger" to symbolize all that. Of course I never was Catholic, though!

So exciting that you guys would even consider coming to visit us! You are always welcome! That would be a very fun time. Dave would take you fishing for the "big ones" like king salmon.

Anyway, this is becoming the longest comment I've ever written on anyone's blog, but I just wanted to say that this was cool and made me smile today. Merry Christmas to you guys! We love you!

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