Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reader Profile #5

The subject of this Reader Profile been an acquaintance of mine for about 15 years, but I have to admit that I never knew her very well, and I don’t think I’ve seen her live and in person since my sister’s wedding over seven years ago. When I was in college I thought of Larissa as Suzanne’s sister. For the last decade I’d thought of her as my sister’s friend.
Then, a couple of years ago, in the wide weird world of blogging where one blog can lead you to another, like a slow version of fasebook I guess, I stumbled across Larissa’s blog and began reading. I had heard bits and pieces about what was going on in her life over the years, but through reading her blog I feel like I got to know her better than I ever did during the years that I was in Lubbock. She became Larissa in my mind rather than just Suzanne’s sister, Jack’s daughter, or Sheila’s friend.
I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t know too many details, but shortly before I began keeping up with her through her blog, Larissa found herself a divorced mother of three young children, one of them a brand new baby. I have been impressed by her tenacity and inspired by her faith. She has been honest without being whiney. She has been real with herself and with her readers about her circumstances.

I confess that I am often too quick to judge and too lacking in compassion. I’m frequently frustrated with what I see as the glorification of single parenthood in the media. In the wake of hurricanes, the economic depression, or “the health care crisis” I’ve seen countless human interest stories focusing on a single mother in crisis, with blame being pointed at employers, schools, government programs or lack thereof, etc. while her status as a single mother is portrayed as something to be admired rather than as a contributor to the severity of the predicament.
Rarely is it ever mentioned that a two parent household would be better able to handle the tribulation. Blame is seldom placed on the bum who is absent, isn’t there to lead and shelter his family through the storm. Nor do the media question or find any fault in the sexual behavior of a never married woman having multiple children by different men. It makes my blood boil and I point at the TV with lots of should’ve, could’ve, would’ve statements.
Reading Larissa’s blog and learning more about her situation has taught me to be more compassionate about situations as they are, rather than just pointing out mistakes of someone’s past. I’m glad to tell you that she has found a good man and proud to say that they were married a few weeks ago (Bro. John performed the ceremony) and are doing well.

From one of her recent posts:

“I can't explain how awesome it is to feel like a family. To have a partnership between two people who have a common goal to raise 3 children to project them as thriving Christians into society. That is after all what parenting is supposed to be, right? I'm thankful for the man who allows me to mother again. I had lost that. I loved being a mother, but somewhere along the way when I was trying to wear so many hats as a single mom, the one that I didn't get to wear as much was the one I missed the most; being a mother. I love to nurture. I love to cook for my family. I love to prepare them for school. I love to teach them. I love to be tender with them. I love to laugh with them. Barrett gave me that role back.”

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Anonymous said...

Excellent choice for this profile! I've been inspired by Larissa and the way she's handled what life has thrown her these past few years. I'm so thankful that God has blessed her and her kids with Barrett.

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